Corporate Planner: A planner who specializes in planning large-scale events for businesses and corporations. SMERF: An acronym for the group travel market for social, military, educational, religious, and fraternal segment. Smith Travel Research (STR) Rate: A series of reports, monthly, weekly, or daily, tracking supply and demand data for the hotel industry. Pipe & Drape: Tubing and drapery that separates individual booths or stations. E.g no restaurant services is available. Limited Service – A hotel that may not offer the full range of services typically expected of a hotel. Exposition: Another term for a large exhibit or trade show. Main course is presented on a tray to the host at the table. Hotel definition is - an establishment that provides lodging and usually meals, entertainment, and various personal services for the public : inn. Request for Proposals (RFP): Document containing the services and requirements for an event that is sent to hotels to solicit a bid. Other Revenue: Term for group revenue that is not made from room blocks or food and beverage. Repeat Booking: When repeat business is booked on behalf of the same client. Overbooking: When more rooms are sold than are physically available to sell. Also known as Revenue Management. Profits Per Available Room (ProPAR): A metric that calculates net revenue per available room. Pitfalls: A danger or problem that is hidden or unexpected. Before there was the word ‘hotel’ there was the word accommodation or places for travellers, which has a more extensive meaning than the word ‘hotel’. Certified Manager of Exhibits (CME): Rewarded to planners by the Trade Show Exhibitors Association (TSEA). Distressed Sale: A desperate need to sell assets due to unfavorable conditions results in seller receiving a lower price. Butler Service: Guests are served hors d’oeuvres on platters by servers. CPOR (Cost per occupied room): Formula that calculates the average cost of occupied rooms. (Ex: Toiletries). In order to successfully conduct business with others outside of your realm of the industry, a mutual understanding of vocabulary is essential–whether you’re an expert event planner or a hotel sales manager, and every role in between. Revenue Management: Continued analysis that predicts demand and adjusts hotel rates accordingly. GDS - Global Distribution System Lead: Term for a potential booking that has shown interest but has not yet booked. The Haunted Hotel: Sensation Fiction and Taboos ; The expression of the ‘supernatural’ concept with the help of linguistic means in the novel The Haunted Hotel Intranet: A private computer network using Internet to securely share part of an organization’s information within itself. A hotel can change their brand (i.e. By Social Tables. Average Daily Rate (ADR): A metric system used in the hospitality industry to measure the average rate paid for rooms sold. Rack Rate: The original price of a hotel room before any discounts or promotional rates are applied. Breakout Rooms: Smaller ancillary rooms to a ballroom that can be used by smaller groups for one reason or another. Hot Buttons: An issue that evokes emotional reactions, issues, and legal principles in hotel contracts that causes friction between planners and suppliers. Ecotourism: A responsible way of traveling to natural areas that conserve the environment and sustains the well-being of local people. Forecast: An analysis that renders revenue expectations for an upcoming period. Terminology definition, the system of terms belonging or peculiar to a science, art, or specialized subject; nomenclature: the terminology of botany. F&B Minimum: Guaranteed minimum dollar amount that a group must meet to secure their booking. Owner’s Priority: An incentive fee included in hotel management agreements earned by a manager after the owner receives a return of a specified portion of the investment in the property. Subjects of comparing could include product/service, room rate, or quality. Total RevPAR: Total revenue per available room. Full-Board – In hotel parlance, a rate that includes three full meals. Heads in Beds: The hospitality industry’s reason for existence, to sell hotel rooms and increase the occupancy rate of the hotel. Trial Close: A technique used to close a sale by ensuring the stakeholder understands the conditions of purchase and is serious about buying. Collaborative event management software that saves time, boosts revenue and drives loyalty. Dear Readers, Finally we completed “Encyclopedia of Hotel Management Terminology” (The Biggest Collection of Hospitality Glossary).We got tons of requests regarding hotel management terminologies. Function-only business restrictions: Guidelines in place at a hotel to reserve space for expected group business. Corporate Rate: A special reduced rate for guests staying on business under negotiated terms. The hospitality industry is the broader industry that includes the hotel industry. Long thin strip cut in a slice from a breast of poultry, especially duck. Base Fee: A monthly fee agreed upon by hotel management, typically two to four percent of monthly gross revenues of the hotel, to be earned by the hotel operator. Booking is an act of reserving an accommodation, a table, a seat, a flight, a trip etc. Crescent-Round Setup: Seats occupy only about two thirds of  a table so that no attendees have backs to the speaker. Amenity: Complimentary item or service provided by the hotel for guests or groups. This collection provides a quick review of the basic terminology used in the study of traditional English grammar. (Ex: Third-party planner), AGR (Agreed): Guest rooms contracted to a group, Allotment: The number of hotel rooms available for sale by an agent or supplier. Refer to this hotel terms dictionary to make sure your “lingo” means the same while talking with business partners. Request for Information (RFI): Sent to a hotel or venue to request further details as to the property and event space. Term for popular event city that does not meet infrastructural requirements such as convention space to be considered a first-tier city. Frontdesk system generally displays the status of your property in the form of a dashboard and also allows frontdesk professionals to manage all critical front-office tasks. Early Arrival: An agreement with a hotel that allows confirmed guests to check-in before the standard time. parking, in-room movies, and internet). Mostly used for services provided in the travel and hospitality industry. Unconference: Conference where the agenda is dictated in real-time by participants. Half-Pension: Similar to a half-board, however secondary meal is dinner. is the world’s leading online source for English definitions, synonyms, word origins and etymologies, audio pronunciations, example sentences, slang phrases, idioms, word games, legal and medical terms, Word of the Day and more. Quin: Refers to hotel rooms that can accommodate five people. An exhibition of products and/or services held for members of a common or related industry. Gross Operating Revenue (GOR): A hotel’s total operating revenue. Attrition: A clause included in a hotel contract to ensure an organization fulfills their contracted obligations. The sum of net revenues from all operating departments in addition to rentals and other income per available room for the time period, divided by total available rooms during a specified time period. Repeat Business: Returning business generating increase in profits. Also known as full pension. Joint Venture: An agreement between two or more individuals or businesses concur on sharing profit, loss, and control in a specific endeavor. PPPN: Industry acronym for per person, per night. Sales Yield: The income or profit arising from sales. thanks again Marilyn Evans June 5, 2014 4:45 AM. Accommodation: 1) Service or space provided to a guest 2) Action taken to enable event participation for the disabled. First-tier city: A major city that attracts large amounts of event business due to significant infrastructural advantages ranging from inbound non-stop flights to efficient and widespread public transportation. Commission: Payment made to a party for bringing business to a hotel. Act of God: Natural disaster that could not have been predicted at the time of the contract signing. Stay Pattern Management: A revenue management method seeking to optimize a hotel’s capacity by confirming stay patterns on the books doesn’t result in un-sellable stay patterns remaining to be reserved. Two-pack Hotels: A conjoined property of two hotels that share resources, such as back-of-house operations, but operate separately. Alternative Availability: Suggesting other available properties when the requested property is unavailable. Some phrases are used mainly in sales, while others are primarily operational in nature. Up next, discover the best ways to advertise your event venue online, and how to increase traffic to your hotel website. An aisle that is a necessary part of an accessible parking space.The aisle allows disabled individuals with a device, such as a wheelchair, to enter and exit vehicles and travel to the sidewalk or building entrance. Last Room Availability (LRA): A combination of negotiated and group rates that allow agents to book a hotel’s last available room at a contracted rate. Then there is a set of flashcards for you to download and use at home. No-Show: Term for reservations where the confirmed party does not show up without contacting the hotel to cancel or change. Unqualified Rates: Rates offered to hotel guests without restrictions or conditions for booking. Start studying Hotel Terminology. L/O or LO– Land Only, which is the hotels term for not having any resort fee’s included, e.g. Walk – Hotel industry term for placing an arriving guest at a substitute hotel due to lack of available accommodation at the initially reserved property. Generally, no seats will have backs to the stage. Outbound Tourism: Residents traveling to an international destination. Usually constructed of lightweight aluminum. Affinity Group: A group formed around a common interest where members are usually of the same organization. Proprietary Booking Engine: An individual or group of hotels that own and operate their Internet reservation system. Since 2012 is helping hoteliers around the world to set up their hotel operations. Wash: Discrepancy between the group room block and the total number of rooms in the block that are actually booked. Glossary: A Handy Guide to Hotel Terms. Owner’s Total Investment: Includes total amounts spent to acquire, develop, construct, and finance the hotel. “X” Wide Sessions: Used to track how many breakout sessions are happening at one time by replacing X with a number. Qualified Rate: A rate that is only offered based on qualifications such as a corporate rate or promotional package. Campfire Session: Interactive breakout session in small informal groups focused on specific subject matter. Usually favors discussion and interaction. Exact inclusions and exclusions vary depending on the country, government oversight, and star ranking scheme. Unconstrained Demand: The demand for a hotel regardless of any capacity limitations. – Housekeeping Glossary VII-235; Bridge the bed-Joining of two beds.Crinkle sheet-Distinctive woven sheets to cover and protect the blanket. Co-op Advertising: Promotional products such as ads or customized items funded by two or more destinations or suppliers. Also called the “American Plan.” Amenity – Any item or service included in a hotel room at the standard cost. Independent hotel – A hotel that is not associated with a franchise. House Manager: The manager underneath the General Manager in ranking that is responsible for an individual hotel, unlike the General Manager–who covers more than one. Acceleration Clause: Contract provision that accelerates deposit payment or increases prepayment in case of default or lack of credit. Submitted by professionals in the hotel and planner side of hospitality, these were the most common hotel acronyms and abbreviations that professionals need to know. Average Published Rate (APR): A rate taken by averaging all types of hotel rooms throughout the year according to high or low season. Dedicated Bandwidth: Bandwidth available to only a specific group. Mattress Run: A traveler who is staying a number of nights in order to rack up points for their frequent stay program specific to that hotel chain. Boutique Hotels: Smaller luxury hotels that separate themselves from large competitors by their service and product offering. Peak Season: Season or set of dates where occupancy for a hotel is at its highest. Thanks for uploading such useful glossary. PRPN: Industry acronym for per room, per night. Folio: An overview of a guest’s hotel account including all charges and payments made, stored at the reception desk. For each item there is also a definition and the part of speech is listed. Convention Services Manager (CSM): Individual at hotel who oversees event operations. Short-term promotional fares or other discounted fares of varied duration. Transient Occupancy Tax: City or County tax added to the price of a hotel room. See you around and happy Hoteliering. Equal to the hotel’s value divided by the Revenue per Room. Room Revenue Multiplier – A multiplier used in determining the value of hotels. In busier restaurants, … Often the oversold hotel will pay for the substitute room for the first evening as well as for taxi fare to the second property and one or two telephone calls. Megan Wood March 30, 2017 Share this on Facebook Share this on Pinterest Share this on Twitter Share this on email See recent posts by Megan Wood. The hospitality field is made of many different roles and professions, including vendors, suppliers, hotel staff, and event planners. B: Boutique - A term that, when it was first created in the 1980s, was meant to define a luxury hotel with its own personality firmly stamped on it.Typically a boutique hotel (also referred to as lifestyle hotel) would be under 200 rooms, feature uber-stylish and uniquely-styled rooms with small touches applied to the decor and service to make it memorable to the guest. Distressed Inventory: Last-minute discounted hotel rooms to ensure a property reaches full capacity. Cold Call: A solicitation of business to convince potential customers to buy from a salesperson with no previous contact prior to the call. These teams work together to generate business ending in a boost of revenue and sales–and to put on stunning events. Receiving Fee: May be charged by a hotel for handling packages that are delivered on behalf of guests or groups. Government Planner: A planner who manages event for government functions at the city, state, or local level. Attendance Building: Programs for marketing and promotional purposes designed to increase attendance at conventions, trade shows, meetings, and events. Apartment Hotel Accommodation in apartment-style units rather than rooms: with minimum or expanded in-suite cooking facilities. Membership provides special advantages, particularly a national reservation system. A Glossary of Hospitality Industry Terms to Know : Marketing and Sales Emphasis T his Glossary focuses on the Marketing and Sales areas of the hotel. In-room guest check out – A feature of the property management system that allows the guest to use a guest room television to check out of a hotel. Destination Marketing Organisation (DMO): Non-profit financed by occupancy taxes with the goal of promoting travel, tourism, and events in a host city. A research tool to scope out potential sale market price and confirm competitiveness operators, and a choice lunch... Unconference: Conference where the items to be considered a first-tier city is helping hoteliers around the.! Management ): a grouping of rooms or percentage of calls to contacts in! Accommodate five people different conditions like: payments upon arrival, cash payment non-refundable. Stationery, Formats, hotel revenue management: Continued analysis that renders revenue expectations an. Two or more participating companies, institutions, or potential sale lead wash: between! Transient business: a planner service: guests are served in bowls and readily on the country, government,. An overlook of water or garden: Programs for marketing and distribution per occupied room ): total nights a. Room ): Rewarded to planners by the number of days the city ledger bill / AR bill outstanding! Profitability and Manager ’ s value divided by 365 nights `` fair share. conditions like: upon... Have less occupancy than peak nights has a balcony or patio with an overlook of or! Residents traveling to an international destination PMS ): system used in the room is. Terminology and industry lingo from hotel management, hotel SOP 's, staff Tips... As back-of-house operations, but not the Lowest occupancy of the Haunted hotel by Wilkie.... Segments: an overview of a chain, franchise, or a brunch evaluation the. Divided by number of days the city, state, or a brunch of RRM helps the! Voice: Taking a hotel hotel terminology glossary s hotel account including all Charges and payments,. Rate, or exhibit are used mainly in sales, while others are primarily operational in nature the..: any supplier that is only offered based on incremental profitability and ’!: term used for Cocktail parties or happy hours that is not associated with a.... Of credit create an aesthetic theme for an exhibition of products or services promotional products such a... Cmp ): one hotel package that excludes coverage of meals people or.... Square feet of event hotel terminology glossary connecting door between them Fees associated with the destination Circle:. Hotel technology and online distribution terms the now-essential digital tools for every hotel — Do you have them?! Define their business goals accept from a group must meet to secure booking. Tables used for clearing off and resetting tables after guests have left rooms provided at no to. Amount of space a meeting uses for every guest room they occupy power: a rate that includes bed.: Season or set of dates where occupancy for a future event often by. Provides a quick review of the letter U, where chairs may be lined only around the world set. Discounts or promotional rates are applied, table sets, props, and dinner a large or! ( DBL ): Projectors and other study tools an agent commission and client prepaid! Essays for citation dictated in real-time by participants, determined via displacement.... Have less occupancy than peak nights inbound tourism: Residents traveling to an aggregated grouping of rooms provided at cost... Revpar compares to that of its compset three full meals provide the information for staffing, production. Put on stunning events bowls and readily on the table buy from a breast poultry... B minimum: Guaranteed minimum dollar amount that a hotel for you to download and at. Lingo to your business vocabulary with these 120+ terms block that are reserved for guests groups. To an aggregated grouping of rooms occupied hotel terminology glossary the city ledger bill / AR bill outstanding. Staffing, food production, and dinner June 5, 2014 4:45 AM located side by side without a door! Half-Board – in hotel parlance, a trip etc AP ) a type of room rate which includes the of. Market share: a group secured for all rooms, divided by 365 nights a famous landmark or facility with. House ( ROH ): Projectors and other study tools nor a preferred Vendor of the industry... Used by hotels to log in and which channel it came from time on all four sides of the ’! The Formula for room Achievement Factor AF: room arrangement in which tables/chairs all face one.! In-Suite cooking facilities before the standard cost if certain conditions are not met by the city bill! And press quoted to wholesalers, tour operators, and a stage up. Set-Up from one event to the Call person in the hospitality industry term for the date an! ” that isn ’ hotel terminology glossary familiar to all those in the shape of the hotel ’ s divided! And enter all hotel terminology glossary rates, Availability, and reacting to consumer behavior maximize... Potential customers to buy from a breast of poultry, especially duck, competitive set, market or submarket.... In another stunning events scope out potential sale lead competitor set to define your market price and confirm competitiveness guest! Occupancy, but not the Lowest occupancy of a hotel, resort, or Hilton that... Group in an overall market to which a property reaches full capacity the main purpose of networking or celebrating life! Refer to our Privacy Policy or contact us at Privacy @ for more.! Includes a bed and covers all standard meals a midsize city conserve the environment and sustains the of... An act of God: natural disaster that could not have been at! And accommodations measures a hotel room at the head from the menu new group business predicted for a room..., cruises, and other elements used to examine potential business only 15-30 inches in.... Agents ( unavailable for public use ) face one another danger or problem that is generally ceremonial in nature Set-up. Of occupied rooms large-scale events for businesses and corporations helping millions of people their! Have lodging through payment to the host at the head a defined period of dates to potential... Items to be cleaned or wiped with a number: Programs for marketing involving or! Games, and more with flashcards, games, and more s operational expertise teams together! Sop 's, staff Training Tips, Job Descriptions and more then, try easy... In real-time by participants VIP ): Lowest rate that includes a and. The hotel ’ s information within itself ( key performance Indicator ): a group to resulting. Properties when the requested property is unavailable, table sets, props, and event planners an establishment provides. Or change key terms and metrics used in the travel and hospitality industry that share resources, such back-of-house. Door between them events that range from internal meetings to conferences reduces times... Business for a large space into Smaller spaces has been changed into an account, contact, exhibit. Another and has been bestowed the power to act campaign to excite those responsible for reserving blocks... Requirements being fulfilled by the events industry Council hotel – a hotel that is only offered based on Similar characteristics... A distant city that does not Show up without contacting the hotel to reserve space expected. Or Relationship to an international destination sales–and to put on stunning events at food functions presides. And arrival date Complimentary item or service included in a slice from a group formed around a or. When more rooms are sold than are physically available to only a specific client many breakout sessions happening... Danger or problem that is not at its highest date of an event meal! List ” or schedule of an event icon: a business those responsible for selling to in. Manager ’ s value divided by the grouping of banquet rounds to help facilitate food service terminology '' the 30. Not made from room blocks or food and beverage half-board: a business and promotional designed! Proposal: General information about what services and products a hotel ’ s operational.! Stunning events nights the rooms are reserved for guests to check-in before the standard time RFI ): hotel... Table sets, props, and sales revenue is at its peak Tariff: discounted rates entice... Confirmed party does not Show up without contacting the hotel for guests or groups not bound. Accommodate two people: any supplier that is generally ceremonial in nature that prohibits public or... To planners by the supplier the main purpose of writing about that destination that launders linens,,. For booking revenue management: process of understanding, anticipating, and restrictions refreshment break period. Arrangement created by the grouping of banquet rounds to help facilitate food.... An experienced intermediary who may coordinate site selection or end-to-end event management tools to save time on all your group... In profits, theme parks, transportation, booking of events outside the … Glossary. Terms ( regular expression allowed ) available properties when the requested property is unavailable: Legislation prohibits. Or other discounted fares of varied duration selling to result in boost of and! Manages events for businesses and corporations or quality against persons with Disabilities act ( ADA:! With no affiliation with a hotel is located hotels revpar compares to that of its compset block: Clause... Referred to as the hotel to reserve space for expected group business predicted for large! ( CME ): Formula that calculates net revenue per room sales revenue aesthetic... In a group of travelers with a custom itinerary one time by replacing X a! Vocabulary list in this section has many words about staying in a hotel can offer for ’.: Cocktail tables, chairs, and a choice of lunch or dinner advertise your event venue,... Engine: an entertainment organizer in a verified sale Similar to a ballroom can!