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Type approval certification inspection as the final stage of the purchase process of 63 CNG refuse collector trucks in Budapest
Bus filling station in Kaposvár
Emissions comparison of CNG and diesel powered buses using a PEMS instrument
CNG powered Iveco test bus in Budapest at a conference organised by LNG-Tech
Service launch of the filling station serving the 75 CNG powered buses of Miskolc (MVK)
Service launch of the temporary filling station serving the 37 newly acquired CNG powered buses of the Budapest Transport Company
The plan of an LNG filling station before the start of construction
Manufacturing process of a double-wall LNG container. Phase shown: insertion of the inner container
Mr. Henrik Domanovszky, Mr. Ferenc Major and Mr. Dániel Láng attending a manufacturer’s quality control process
Integrable LNG containers waiting for delivery at the manufacturer’s site
Easily mobilised, self-served CNG dispensing unit
Emissions comparison by Cert. Eng. Henrik Domanovszky
Developing LNG powered buses