LNG-Tech Engineering

CNG, LNG filling stations, industrial facilities

LNG-Tech Kft. provides full scale service in designing, verifying, implementing, operating and maintaining natural gas and biomethane filling stations. The company can facilitate smooth engineering work in both the R&D phase and during production by installing local industrial gas supply and filling systems.

Legislation, standardisation

LNG-Tech Kft. experts are delegated or invited to help legislative and standardisation processes both in Hungary and the European Union, contributing to the creation of a favourable legal environment, which in turn facilitates and simplifies the expansion of methane based transport and other related technologies.

LNG filling stations along the TEN-T corridor

LNG-Tech Kft. is the main technical partner in the Hungarian PAN-LNG Project which plays a focal role in preparing and implementing the studies securing the LNG supply of TEN-T corridors crossing Hungary. The company is using its proprietary technologies to develop further public uses for the LNG infrastructure thus created.