Cert. Eng. Ferenc Major

chartered mechanical engineer
general manager, owner

He graduated from the Timisoara Technical University as a mechanical engineer, and developed an early interest in gas technologies.

Between 1992 and 2003 he was the general manager of Globimpex Kft., a full-scale player in the field of liquefied gas technologies. Their activities included systems design and installation, preparing gas engineering studies, converting vehicles and FLT’s to dual fuel use, providing maintenance and repair services for such conversions, carrying out environmental auditing of gas-fuelled vehicles, and selling gas technological equipment.

Between 2003 and 2007 he was the general manager of Mebaterv Bt., a company specialising in engineering and building technology designs encompassing a comprehensive range of related technologies (such as gas, water, waste water, heating and air technologies, as well as climate control design) and acquiring licenses from all relevant service providers. Their range of activities also included system implementation, contracting, consultation, specialist translations, vocational education, technical management and technical monitoring.

Between 2007 and 2016 he worked for ACIS Benzinkúttechnika Kft. as the head of the technological construction department. As of 2016 he is the owner and general manager of LNG-Tech Kft. where he actively leverages his extensive experience in designing, implementing and operating gas technological systems, both within the PAN-LNG Project and beyond.

In the above capacities Mr. Major has designed about half of all LPG filling stations (Prímagáz, MOL, ShellGas, Totálgáz, Flaga gáz as well as private stations) built in Hungary since 1992. He has also designed and implemented about 80% of all public and industrial CNG stations built since 2011 (supply system for the Audi factory; FÔGÁZ, MVK Zrt., BKV Zrt., Íris Energy filling station, ÉNYKK filling station in Zalaegerszeg, BGW filling station, as well as CNG supply systems for university laboratories, and various privately owned CNG filling stations.)

He has also designed and implemented compressed air systems and air containers for various clients including Hankook, MOL, Piroplan, NHK Spring or Ibiden.

Mr. Ferenc Major holds a number of required professional qualifications and licenses including:

  • Senior technical manager fully qualified to carry out building technological activities;
  • Senior technical manager fully qualified to install and maintain hydrocarbon pipelines, propane-butane supply units and related systems;
  • Senior technical manager for buildings and facilities in the energy, chemical and hydrocarbon industries;
  • Building engineer and designer;
  • Gas and oil engineering consultant;
  • Gas and oil engineering designer;
  • Mechanical engineer designer (facilities and technologies).

Engineering also plays an important role in his private life. He is a member of several important professional bodies (MGKKE, MHTE, Container Association (Tartályszövetség)) and, through MGKKE, he has been delegated by the Hungarian Standards Institution (MSZT) to the European standardisation process.