Cert. Eng. Henrik Domanovszky

M.Sc. transport engineer
founder and co-owner

Research work conducted in the past decade – with an ambition of completing a Ph.D. – lead him on the field of energy for transport as well as the pollution reduction possibilities thereof.

Since its foundation in 2011 he has been the president of MGKKE (Hungarian Natural Gas-powered Transport Cluster Association). He became a member of the NGVA-Europe in 2009.

As the most important task in his career, he held the Coordinator position for two CEF co-financed alternative infrastructure projects granted by the INEA.

Through his position at MGKKE he attended to the following tasks:

  • Promoting gas powered clean transport solution in all related fields: public and goods transport, road and waterway solutions, as well as rail applications. Arising public interest, supporting governmental and municipal bodies with appropriate information.
  • Participating in regulatory works, like safety regulation works related to pressure vessels for filling stations and vehicles.
  • Participating in different policy framework developments: national roadmap for 2009/28/EC Renewable Energy Directive, Hungarian position for Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Directive Initiative, as well as other fuel and environmental related policy preparations like the PM emission reduction regulation, or supporting the purchasing of CNG fuelled buses.
  • Developing TEN-T LNG infrastructure project proposals, of which three successful and granted CEF application was made: The PAN-LNG Project, the PAN-LNG-4-DANUBE Project and the Clean Fuel Box Project is contracted by the INEA (currently under
  • Developing CNG based vehicle projects.
  • Developing CNG fuel infrastructure projects.
  • Supporting procurements as a technical adviser in Budapest, Miskolc, Kaposvár, Zalaegerszeg and many other cities.
  • Member of the ISO and CEN Standards development team on behalf of the Hungarian Standards Institute (MSZT). Working in all gas and alternative vehicle and fuel based standardization working groups like CEN TC326, ISO TC252, TC193, TC234, TC235, TC255, TC296, TC19, TC22.
  • Organizing conferences, symposiums as well as other events like press conferences, presentations.
  • Writing press releases, position papers, technical documents.
  • Within the PAN-LNG Project, he was leading the development of a comprehensive study completed by over 50 scientists and experts around the future of bio and natural gas powered transport in Hungary.

Since 2007 he has been a technical advisor in many related fields.
Results included:

  • Technical advisor for an 18-month procurement procedure on behalf of the Municipality of Budapest. Purchased 60+3 waste collector trucks powered by alternative propulsion. Persistent efforts finally enabled the legal option of signing the contract for the purchase of CNG powered vehicles with co-financing by the EU. The program received support until the delivery of the last vehicles and also included an extended test procedure.
  • Supported the Miskolc public transport company in the purchasing of a CNG bus fleet, from the earliest idea up until the launch of the clean bus service. His tasks included developing the tender, contributing to the applications, providing advice on the development of the CNG fuel station with a capacity of 2500 Nm3/h, as well as the quality control of the construction process. He also lead the very first PEMS measurement in Hungary, comparing gas powered vehicles to similar diesel ones in real-life conditions.
  • He elaborated and designer different vehicle development strategies and project proposals for developers within the segment of IWW navigation, light and heavy duty road vehicles as well as non-road machineries.
  • He was a reference group member participating in the North-European LNG Infrastructure Project (2011-’12) co-financed by the EU. Since 2008, his research activities in the field of emission reduction through energy have included:
  • Participating in numerous leading European conferences within the fields of transport, vehicle technology and energy, both as a guest and often as a lecturer.
  • Writing numerous articles, publications as well as a book on advanced biofuels.
  • Guest lecturer at the vehicle engineering department of Budapest Technical University BME since 2008. Teaching on alternative fuels, alternative ICE and alternative powertrain technologies for B.Sc. vehicle engineering students.

Import agency, trading activities between 1996 and 2007:

  • His company was the exclusive agent for several German building material producers in Hungary.
  • Trading, importing, storing and distributing, as well as establishing a complete logistic chain (120 import trucks p.a.).